Frequently Asked Questions About Online IT Courses

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No . You do not need to have an Information Technology background.
You need a computer with features of i5 or upper, 8gb Ram or Upper. Also, we recommend having min 16mbps internet speed or up and a second screen.
TechProEducation provides 6 different career paths for online IT courses you can choose optionally:
1.Full-Stack Automation Engineering program (SDET)
2.Full-Stack Java Development program( Developer)
3. DevOps Engineering program (DevOps Engineer)
4. Full-Stack Mobile Developer Program
5. Full-Stack Data Science Program
6.Web Design Program

You can learn more information about the online it coures click here

Time is really important in our lives. We acted professionally in determining our course times and we see that our decision is right now. We shorten the time, but our lesson hours remained the same.

1. We did not reduce class hours, but we did increase their studying weekdays
2. We adjusted the classes so that they could be best applied and would be as beneficial as possible
3. We will also provide 1 on 1 tutoring so that we can cover all missing parts
4. If the students do not feel ready, definitely we will provide extra time and review sessions so that they are all eligible for market
5. All our instructors are experienced people and know how to teach in the best way
Yes: We have the following online IT courses in Turkish also:

Full Stack Automation Engineering Course
Full-Stack Mobile Developer Coding Course
Full-Stack Java Developer Coding Course
Full-Stack Data Science
AWS & DevOps Engineering
It is necessary to fill in the registration form, make the first payment, and send the contract with ID copy.
It will be about 24 hours a week with a mentoring session and office hours.
If you join a online IT course in Turkish, you have the right for full-refund in the first 15 days of the course. If you join in English there is 30 days of refund period. If you leave in the first 30 days you can get full refund in English courses. Refund period is considered according to course start date and you need to inform us by email before due date. If you leave the course in 2 months 40%, in 3 months 60% of the tuition need to be paid. If student leaves the course after 3 months, he/she is responsible to pay 100% of the tuition.
es, a certificate will be given. Also, there are some certifications that you can get them after passing the related exam.
Yes. During the course, you will take part in the real project and have 6 months of internship and experience. It will be written to Resume.
It depends on the course you will join. But generally we use Moodle, Zoom, Google Classroom, Slack, Kahoot, Github, Youtube, Flipgrid, Socrative and so on to improve interaction and to make it funny during education
online it courses

Companies Our Alumni Are Employed At

The alumni of Techpro Education have the opportunity to take their seats in leading
companies in the IT industry. Prominent tech corporates hire our
candidates for their challenging software tasks.

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