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      Two Friends: USA-CANADA 500$, EUROPE 100$, TÜRKİYE 100$

      Three Friends: USA-CANADA 625$, EUROPE 125$, TÜRKİYE 125$

      Five Friends: USA-CANADA 750$, EUROPE 150$, TÜRKİYE 150$

Python Basic Tutorial


Location : TechPro Education Europe

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Language : Turkish

Salesforce Developer

Women formed 25% of the software industry but earn 30% less than men. As TechPro Education, we have increased the number of our female employees by 300% in the last 6 months by supporting women’s employment. Through our free training programs and various campaigns, we gave women the opportunity to try themselves by providing them to enter the IT sector. As TechPro Education, we support women without discrimination of language, religion, race, and age to start a new era in the field of informatics and to include women’s power in the IT sector. We take our support one step further in this journey that we started by saying WOMEN TOUCH IN CODING, and we provide all our women with an extra discount for our Salesforce course, without any conditions or prerequisites.

– Special Discount for Women

– USA / Canada $500 Discount

– Europe €150 Discount

– Other Countries $150 Discount

TechPro Education aims to equip students with the skills they will need to succeed in a tech career. Would you like to start your IT career on success with a big advantage with our reference bonus campaign?
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Gender-Diverse Programs

No longer is tech a man’s world as some used to think. TechPro Education is helping more women get into the tech industry by offering discounts through the Women Touch In Coding initiative. Female-identifying students who join the Free Java program and attend at least 70 percent of the classes get free sign-up for the Core Java program. Then, they may apply for the Coding Challenge, which is given during Core Java. Anyone who applies for this challenge gets a five percent discount. The winner of the challenge receives a 100 percent discount and the second place gets an 80 percent discount. The third to fifth placers get 50 percent discount while 20 percent discounts are given to those in the sixth, seventh, and eighth place.

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Are you curious about what Automation Engineer’s one month looks like?

UI, API and Database automation experience within the same project
-Requirement analysis with scrum meetings (Grooming, sprint planning, daily stand-ups, review and retro)
Interview sessions and reviewing current market interview questions
Cloud testing (AWS and Linux commands installations experience)
Jira & Git experience with team
Test plan document generation
Smoke test, regression test and End To End test experience
Resume and market support

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