Mentoring Services

Our mentor team accompany you during the entire course, from the first lesson to your graduation.

Mentoring Services

Our team of 19 mentors has guided 2500 students through 200 education batches. We're proud to have been a part of their success.

TechPro Education’s qualified mentors will be by your side, providing professional guidance every step of the way. Thus, you will know how near you are to achieving your career objective.

You can meet with our mentors in regular weekly sessions and one-to-one meetings whenever you want.

During the weekly mentoring sessions;

- We evaluate the previous week, discuss its pros and cons,

- We get your feedback about the courses and lecturers,

- We provide preliminary information about the following week,

- We prepare you for the job market by assigning tasks through Flashcard, Kahoot, Flipgrid, Replit, LMS, and Slack,

- We offer unique solutions for demotivated students.