Preparing You for a Career in Salesforce

Preparing You for a Career in Salesforce

Now is the best time to learn Salesforce development, so “Think big, start small, and start now with no hesitation,” says Mike Duman, TechPro Education ’s Salesforce Coordinator. And he’s not wrong.

Customer relationship management (CRM) platforms have become a must-have for businesses worldwide, with CRM applications sales reaching $45.67 billion in 2020 and Salesforce owning 32.2 percent of the market. As the CRM market develops, new jobs will emerge, and 9.3 million of those will be linked to Salesforce .

TechPro Education is responding to the growing demand and opening opportunities for you to move to a career in Salesforce development and management. Read our guide to learn more about how to get started with TechPro Education’s Salesforce Developer program .

Why Choose the Salesforce Developer and Admin Career Paths?

Salesforce developers and managers will have plenty of opportunities in the coming years. The IDC reported that Salesforce and its cloud services will generate $1.56 trillion in revenue for customers by 2026, resulting in 3.8 million direct jobs and 5.5 million supporting jobs.

In the same way, it will be more important than ever to learn new skills. Salesforce users will be able to use automation tools, the Internet of Things (IoT), and other complex applications. That means digital skills will play a big role in more than two-thirds of direct jobs that will be created.

People who work with Salesforce can expect to earn more because of the growing demand for their services. As of writing, a Salesforce developer’s base salary is about $87,013 per year , and a Salesforce manager could make about $70,176 per year . Following the law of supply and demand, the salary range could continue to grow so long as the demand is high.

The best part? Since Salesforce is not a Code-based platform, “Anyone interested in IT who wants to be in the IT Industry can become a Salesforce Developer/Manager, whether they have experience in the IT industry or not,” said Matt Holiday, a TechPro Education Mentor.

What Do Salesforce Developers and Administrators Do?

Salesforce developers take charge of customization and development, including but not limited to coding, unit testing, app development, and updating existing apps. They use Apex and VisualForce to create apps that make a company’s operation easier and faster.

While Salesforce developers build the ability to function, the managers work on the use. They work with all people involved to figure out what the system needs to do and how to make it better for users. They are in charge of the system, from setting up a menu to making rules about how to assign and add new users, how to limit access to data, among other areas.

A Summary of TechPro Education’s Salesforce Developer Program

In response to the growing demand for Salesforce developers, TechPro Education offers a 24-week Salesforce Developer program. You don’t need advanced coding skills to get in, but being able to use Apex coding language could help. After the program, you’ll be ready to take the professional Salesforce developer and administrator exams and to get your certificate.

More than just improving your technical skills, TechPro also gives soft skills classes and interview preparation sessions where you can practice answering relevant questions. According to Mike, “Social and communication skills are the main things employers look for. Technical skills, most of the time, come later.”

Techpro Education understands that while you want to improve your skills, leaving your day job to make time for training may not be an option, which is why the program is fully virtual. You can choose between daytime (10am to 1pm EST) and nighttime (7pm to 10pm EST) classes, or you can take the longer schedule (10am to 4:20pm EST).

Salesforce Developer Program Topics

TechPro Education’s Salesforce Developer program is intensive and will cover a wide range of industry-relevant topics, including but not limited to the following.

JavaScript: Learn the most widely used frontend web scripting language and start creating dynamic online apps!

Integration-API: Learn how to make processes automatic by connecting databases and systems to industry applications.

LWC: Use custom elements, modules, shadow DOM, decorators, templates, and other new language constructs in ECMAScript 7, among others.

Aura: Learn to create apps that are not dependent on Salesforce data, thus reducing user disruption. Aura speeds up development by eliminating device-specific optimization.

Data Migration: Learn to move and consolidate data into one platform to make processes simpler and reduce costs.

Data Modeling: Learn how to organize and represent data in a Salesforce database in a way that is easy to understand.

Apex Programming Language: Learn to control flow and actions on Salesforce servers using Java-like syntax and database stored procedures. Apex may alter most system events, including button presses, record updates, and Visualforce pages.

SOQL and SOSL: Learn to search an organization’s Salesforce data for specific information with SOQL and search across several objects in one query with SOSL.

Apex Triggers: Perform custom actions before or after record insertions, updates, or removals in Salesforce. Apex, like database systems, supports record management triggers.

HTML5 and CSS: Learn HTML syntax anatomy to build websites and recognize HTML boilerplate and doctypes.

Why Join TechPro’s Salesforce Developer Program?

TechPro Education makes sure that you learn from industry professionals who have years of experience and excellent qualifications. Throughout the program, you’ll work in teams and receive mentoring to grow your skills. Two months of internship work on real-life projects will make your skills stronger and help you build your resume and portfolio.

TechPro Education does not only provide you with technical support but also career support. You develop soft skills that employers look for and meet industry professionals and alumni. “TechPro alumni who follow the instructors and mentors find jobs in three months, and the hiring rate is 90 percent in three months in the US,” Mike says.

TechPro Education values being flexible and accessible. As such, it offers fully virtual programs to serve people from different parts of the world and those who cannot leave their day jobs. Programs are offered in either English or Turkish to reach a wider audience.

If for some reason, you decide not to go ahead with the program, TechPro Education also gives you a full refund for the first day on both the English and Turkish Salesforce bootcamp.

Prepare for a Salesforce Career with TechPro Education

In the words of Matt, “A person who has learned about Salesforce always has an employment advantage.” TechPro Education can help you unlock this opportunity through its Salesforce Developer program.

Get ready for the rise in the number of Salesforce jobs. Join TechPro Education’s Salesforce Developer program today.